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An alternative to C-PAP for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that causes you to momentarily stop breathing during sleep. This can occur hundreds of times during the night, and it can lead to daytime fatigue, heart attack or even a stroke, along with daytime fatigue, inability to concentrate and irritability. One of the most common causes of sleep apnea is anatomical obstruction of the airway, which is often caused by obesity or aging tissues that sag and cause the vibrations that manifest as snoring. Someone with sleep apnea may awaken many times during the night gasping for air. 


Custom-made night guard

If you suffer from sleep apnea, Dr. Adibe can perform a thorough assessment and recommend a specially designed night guard that repositions your lower jaw to improve airflow and help restore normal breathing during sleep. This intraoral sleep apnea appliance is custom-made for each patient.

This noninvasive – and much more comfortable – alternative is welcome news for many people who must use C-PAP machines, including sleep masks with replaceable tubing and filters that require ongoing maintenance. Many patients also find C-PAP uncomfortable to wear.


To learn more about general dentist Dr. Adibe’s comfortable, nonsurgical alternatives to C-PAP or to make an appointment, call 609.395.9100 today. You can also fill out our Request an Appointment form. Our sleep apnea patients come to us from the communities in and around Monroe Township, including Old Bridge, Manalapan, East Windsor and South Brunswick.

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